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Innovative technologies for creative uses!
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$100.00 USSave 66.7%300.00
Data Overlayer 2.0 (Aura/Mirage)
Generate overlay graphics using data retrieved from external sources, including: MySQL databases, Text and XML files, RSS internet feeds, etc. Professional overlay generation of live data (weather, sport, voting, product sales, stock market, etc.) is not only possible... it's simple too.

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$100.00 USSave 66.7%Data Overlayer 2.0 (Aura/Mirage)
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Template Maker 2.3 (TriCaster Pro)
$150.00 US

LumiEssence 1.5 (TVP Animation)
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Instant Replay 2.0 (VT)
$495.00 US

Scheduler 3.0 (TriCaster Broadcast)
$300.00 US

Template Maker 2.3 (TriCaster)
$150.00 US
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