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$495.00 USSave 16.8%595.00youngmonkeyTriCaster Broadcast
Instant Replay 2.0 (TriCaster Broadcast)
Instant Replay is one click fast and one click professional. One click begins/ends capture. One click adds an event. One click triggers replay event action, using any of four definable Speed/Time presets. And one click recall allows for easy replay of previous events. It's one click simple... it's Instant Replay.

Detailed Information
$495.00 USSave 16.8%Instant Replay 2.0 (TriCaster Broadcast)
$495.00 USSave 16.8%Instant Replay 2.0 (TriCaster Duo)
$495.00 USSave 16.8%Instant Replay 2.0 (TriCaster Pro)
$495.00 USSave 16.8%Instant Replay 2.0 (TriCaster Studio)
$495.00 USSave 16.8%Instant Replay 2.0 (TriCaster)
$495.00 USSave 16.8%Instant Replay 2.0 (VT)
$250.00 USUpgrade to the latest version from any previous version
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TCP-VT 2.1 (TriCaster Studio)
$300.00 US

Bi-Color 1.5 (Aura/Mirage)
$20.00 US

Ease-KF 1.5 (Aura/Mirage)
$25.00 US

Scheduler 3.0 (TriCaster)
$300.00 US

Dissolve 1.5 (Aura/Mirage)
$20.00 US
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