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$150.00 US150.00youngmonkeyTriCaster Broadcast
MIDI-VT 2.3 (TriCaster Broadcast)
Provides real-time MIDI In and Out support for the VT and TriCaster. This opens up exciting possibilities for use of control surfaces such as the Behringer BCF2000 and BCR2000, as well as for live performance artists, VJs, and theatre technicians.

Detailed Information
$150.00 USMIDI-VT 2.3 (TriCaster Broadcast)
$150.00 USMIDI-VT 2.3 (TriCaster Pro)
$150.00 USMIDI-VT 2.3 (TriCaster Studio)
$150.00 USMIDI-VT 2.3 (TriCaster)
$150.00 USMIDI-VT 2.3 (VT)
$10.00 USUpdate MIDI-VT 2.3 for VT 5.3
$75.00 USUpgrade to the latest version from any previous version
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Master Control 2.5 + NewTek VT module
$3995.00 US

MIDI-VT 2.3 (TriCaster Pro)
$150.00 US

Fiber 1.5 (TVP Animation)
$20.00 US

Data Overlayer 2.0 (Aura/Mirage)
$100.00 US

Dissolve 1.5 (Aura/Mirage)
$20.00 US
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