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Innovative technologies for creative uses!
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$3495.00 US3495.00
Master Control 4.0 - 9"
One Touch Does It All and Much More... It allows complex control of multiple devices simultaneously with a single keypress.

This base system does not include any modules.
Modules can be purchased from Master Control's built-in Add-Ons Store, or you can choose a module bundle below.

Detailed Information
$3495.00 USMaster Control 4.0 - 9"
$4995.00 USMaster Control 4.0 - 23"
$250.00 USMaster Control: LiveText module
$400.00 USMaster Control: TriCaster SD module
$500.00 USMaster Control: TriCaster XD module
$500.00 USMaster Control: TriCaster XD2 module
$1000.00 USMaster Control: Upgrade to 4.0
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Template Maker 2.3 (TriCaster Studio)
$150.00 US

DVE: Lower Thirds Volume 3 (PAL)
$32.00 US

Stereoscopic 3D 1.5 (Aura / Mirage)
$35.00 US

MIDI-VT 2.3 (TriCaster Pro)
$150.00 US

Bi-Color 1.5 (TVP Animation)
$20.00 US
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